Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - Jan 17th to 23rd

Big Announcement!

We are hopefully going to have a new addition to our family very soon.  Things aren't 100% yet, so I'll say more when I know it is absolutely going to happen.  We are so excited and time is going by so slowly waiting for it to happen.

This week has been busy with working on getting the garden ready for planting this Spring and continuing to plant things in the duck run.  I'm sure once I take down the fencing the ducks will likely destroy everything, but I keep trying.  

The pond filter continues to have issues, lava rock is not a good filter media, it clogs up all the time.  I'm currently doing some research trying to find a better option.  I've talked to a couple pond experts and once they hear our pond is a duck pond, they say they aren't able to help, that it is pointless to even try because ducks are so messy.  The new pump we got does seem to work pretty good, it is a Lifegard Aquatics 6600gph.  I'll keep you posted on my research for the ideal filter media.


  1. Your solution might be to buy a small pump and pump that baby out before you refill it each time, then you won't have to deal with a filter/circulating pump.

  2. I wish we had made the pond smaller so we could just empty and refill, but it takes way too much water to refill it each time. If it weren't for Apple, I would seriously consider just getting rid of the pond, but Apple is in their all day and I think it is probably good for her bad leg.

  3. I have ducks too and yes messy is an understatement. :) But I love them. My pond is small so I drain it a couple of times a week. I wish I could keep it cleaner, but I have ducks. I love your photos by the way. you are a wonderful photographer!
    Mary from

    1. Thank you so much, I would like to continue to improve my photography skills.
      I kind of wish we would have stuck with a smaller pond that we could empty more often. Hopefully someday I'll figure something out, I've been talking with some people that do duckponics.

  4. Hi, wondering if you have a nesting duck. Our Maggie (pet duck) is sitting on a nest since Christmas. I have candled the eggs and some look like they could viably be ducklings. We are at the point of pacing the waiting room as we wait to see what results, if anything.

    Good luck with your ducks!

  5. No nesting ducks here. Although, our duck Apple, sat on her eggs for several weeks last year. At that time we had no male ducks, so there was no chance her eggs were ever going to become babies.


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