Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - Dec 27th to Jan 2nd

Happy New Year!

We hope your new year is starting out great.  Our new year has started out very cold, with the duck pond freezing every morning.    If I don't break the ice on the pond immediately, the ducks get up, see the frozen pond and go back into their house and refuse to come out.

I have had a little time off work and my husband and I had been thinking about trying to help another dog by adopting them and bringing them into our family.  We have not been able to find a dog yet that fits in with our current family, so instead I'm thinking about working a little more on the Tobey book.  I don't know much about publishing, so I'm doing some research on finding a publisher vs self publishing.
  I also found a new app on facebook that allows you to make a photo look like a painting.  I love the look of these "painting" photos and think they would even possibly look good as the illustrations in a book.  Or I may just get some printed and frame them.

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