Monday, December 14, 2015

Craft Ideas for Extra Duck or Chicken Feathers

Here are some ideas for ways to use extra duck or chicken feathers.

I have been collecting the clean duck feathers that I find on the ground over the last year and recently decided to make some ornaments.  I bought glass ornaments and just put the feathers inside through the top opening.  I bought some cute ribbon and attached this to the top of the ornament.  Super simple to make and very cute.  They will make great decorations or gifts.

Here are a few other ideas I found online but haven't tried...

Feather Angel Ornament

Feather Christmas Tree
Source:  Martha Stewart

Feather Wreath
Source:  Homesteadcs

Framed Feather Art
Source:  Fawn and Feather

Candlelit Feathers (with fake flickering candles)


  1. Good ideas! I like the wreath, the tree and the flickering candle jars! Ornaments too.
    I have a small collection from their first molt. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I really want to try the wreath, jars and framed feathers.


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