Sunday, October 11, 2015

Introducing Marley

Introducing Marley...

Marley is a Black Indian Runner.  He had a brother that sadly was killed by a raccoon and after his brother's death Marley was very sad and lonely.

We decided we had room to add Marley to our flock and it has been a great decision!  Marley moved in and has been a perfect gentleman, he likes to quietly follow Rue and Olive around, he comes running when I enter the duck run (he has learned I usually bring treats), and he LOVES the pond.  Marley spends a lot of his time swimming in the pond and likes to do synchronized diving with Rue.

Marley is our first Indian Runner, and he stands towering over all of the other ducks.  His first night, he followed all of the girls right up into the duck house and wanted to be near everyone.  Unfortunately, a couple of the ducks were picking on him, so Marley slept in the duck house but on the other side of a divider.  After only a few days he is now getting along with most of the ducks (Olive isn't being nice, so Olive tends to spend a fair amount of time in the "bad boy" pen), and Marley is now sleeping in the duck house with all of the girls.

Marley is a sweet and gentle guy, and has done an amazing job at moving in and fitting right in with the group.  His previous family did a great job raising him, and we are so happy to have him as part of our family now.

Ducky butt photobomb!

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