Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - July 5th to 11th

This week has been hot, hot, hot!

Oregon summers are usually warm and dry but the last couple weeks the temps have been in the upper 90's, which is way too warm.

We have been continuing to work on the pond, I have been out there every day working on it or the fence around the pond, but it still isn't done.  I have been working to dig out the edges of the pond, to make it nice and easy for Apple to get in and out of the pond, plus adding some flagstone.

The ducks are still loving the pond.  Little Rue is becoming a bully duck and likes to try to bully the big ducks out of the pond.  I'm also starting to wonder if Olive is a boy, Rue got her quack a couple weeks ago but Olive is still very quiet and doesn't quack.

Our garden is starting to come in nicely (sorry no pictures this week).  There are some tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash starting to ripen in the garden.  The corn, potatoes, and beets are all still growing.


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