Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - May 7th to 13th

More work on the duck pond this week.
Unfortunately the pond is not holding water.  The instructions I read said it can take a few days for the bentonite to expand and fill in,  solidify under the dirt, so I'm really hoping that is the problem, but part of me is wondering if I didn't add enough bentonite.  I may be making another trip to buy more and doing lots more work on this pond.  The pond is turning into a big headache, but I know the ducks are going to love it when it's finished.

I bought some berries to make my first jam of the year.  I'm planning on strawberry-lemon jam and some blackberry-lime jam.  I made the blackberry-lime jam before and it was the most delicious jam I'ver ever had.  I love jam that is a little tart and not too sweet.

I made the ducks some frozen treats and they were very happy.  It is a simple treat to make for them...
Frozen Duck Treats
Add frozen peas, carrots and corn to a muffin tin.  Then add water and freeze.  Once they are frozen give them to your ducks.  These will provide hours of entertainment for you and your ducks.

Tobey's birthday is coming up in July, so stay tuned for a new prize giveaway for his birthday.  Tobey will be turning 8 on July 19th, he is the baby of our pack and has only been part of our family for a little over a year.   He has become an important part of our family, I can't imagine not having this little guy around.

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