Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - May 14th to 20th

The girls are almost 7 weeks old and they still follow me around and love to snuggle up with me.  Rue and Olive are such an adorable little pair.

The big news this week is that we will be starting a prize giveaway to celebrate Tobey's upcoming 8th birthday.  Stay tuned, I will post information on how to enter the giveaway soon.  Below are the prizes that we will be giving away.

This week the girls got more frozen treats and the ducks and dogs all got some watermelon, which they loved.

We are continuing to work on the pond.  It looks like the sodium bentonite plan is not going to work, the pond is not holding water.  I was recently told that sodium bentonite does not work well on the type of soil we have here, rocky with lots of clay.  So I have now ordered a pond liner.  

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