Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos June 21st to 27th

We are far from finished with the pond, but it has water in it now and the ducks are very happy.

Apple has been wanting to spend all day in the pond, I think it is probably good therapy for her leg.  When Apple and Daisy are in the water it is really difficult to tell who is who.  Rue and Olive were afraid of the pond at first, but now they are swimming around all over.

We ended up having to use a pond liner instead of the bentonite, the pond just would not hold water with the bentonite.  I later found out that our soil here isn't supposed to be great for using bentonite because our soil has lots of rocks and clay.  Someone told me that sandy soil works better because it is more uniform and allows the bentonite to mix in better.

The other big news is that we started the Tobey Birthday Prize Giveaway.  Check out our other post to enter the giveaway and find out what the prizes are, click here.  Tobey will be 8 in July.


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