Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - May 24th to 30th

The girls will be 4 weeks old on Monday June 1st, it is amazing how quickly they grow.

We have started working on expanding the duck run and building the ducks a pond.  Our plan is to seal the pond with sodium bentonite, this is the main ingredient in clumping kitty litter.  We found a local company that sells sodium bentonite for $9 for 50lbs, this is much less expensive then having to buy a lot of kitty litter.  

I dug the initial shape of the pond by hand with a shovel, it took forever and was not easy.  Tobey  helped out, but he wore himself out after a couple minutes of digging and then needed a nap.

Brian finished digging the pond.  I think his way was a lot easier, he used the tractor!

I will make sure to document the process of creating the pond and expanding the duck run.  We are still researching what pump we want to use and the filter system we want to set up.  I thought this was going to be a quick project, but there is a lot more involved then I thought and it is taking a lot longer.

The girls have been enjoying more time outside with the nice weather.  They still follow me around everywhere, which is adorable.

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