Sunday, May 17, 2015

Introducing Rue & Olive

Introducing Rue and Olive

They are both Rouen ducks (you can read more about the breed on the Metzer website) and they are currently 2 weeks old.  My plan had been to have Apple raise them and become attached to them, since she hasn't really been able to fit in with my other ducks very well, but unfortunately this has not happened.  

They have, however, become very attached to me and follow me and my husband around the house.  Check out the youtube video of them.

I was able to take a couple of weeks off work when I first got them, which was really nice and allowed some extra time with the babies.  I'm trying to make sure and take lots of pictures, since they grow so quickly and won't stay this little for very long.

They have been enjoying spending some time outside watching the big ducks.

Since Apple recently decided to start sleeping outside with the other ducks, Rue and Olive now get her play pen to hang out in when they are outside and it also works as a brooder when they are inside.  This is actually a dog play pen, but it works great for ducks.

The girls recently had their first bath (check out the facebook page to see a video).  They were both a little hesitant at first but Olive quickly starting swimming around and diving under the water.  Rue was a little slower to adjust, but eventually she too was having lots of fun.

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