Saturday, April 25, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - April 19th to 25th

Beautiful flowers from the yard.

I have been working to get more things planted in the garden.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they make it.  We have only lived on our property for a little over a year and the land wasn't in great shape, but hopefully we can get some things to grow this year and it will continue to get better in the future.

Apple is continuing to lay on her eggs almost all day. She's adorable that she wants babies so bad.   It's a good thing her two new ducklings are coming the beginning of May.  I'm so excited to get more ducklings, we are planning to get a Rouen and Magpie duckling.

Several months ago I planted some clippings from my lavender plants and they are doing really well.  I have a dream of having a large area filled with rows and rows of lavender.  


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