Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to Paint Particle Board or Plywood Subfloors

After looking for the perfect property in the country, we finally found one, it only took us a couple years.  Although the land is perfect, it didn't come with the perfect house, so my husband and I are saving money to build a new house.  In the meantime, we have had to find inexpensive ways to fix up the older manufactured home that is here.

When we bought the property, the house had very old, very ugly, dirty carpet.  Yuck, I am not a fan of carpet at all.  I have lots of allergies, plus pets and these just don't go well with carpet.  Before we moved into the house, we did some serious cleaning, painting and removed all of the carpet.  We considered putting in new flooring, but it just didn't seem worth it to spend thousands of dollars for new flooring on a house we didn't plan to live in long term.  So we decided to just try to paint the particle board subfloor.

We first tried painting them with regular floor paint and unfortunately this did not work.  The floors ended up stained with dirt and were impossible to clean.  

We found some other oil based polyurethane floor paint, by Glidden, that was a better option.

The first step was to clean the floors as best as possible and apply a coat of primer.

Once the primer dried we started painting.  The oil based floor paint was slow to dry, it took about 12 hours to completely dry.  

I think if we had taken the time to sand the floors and possibly try to fill the holes from the staples in the carpet, the floors would have turned out better but again we don't plan to live in this house forever and we just wanted a quick fix.

I think they don't look too bad, considering it is just the cost of some primer and a few cans of floor paint.  Very big change from the ugly old carpet that was previously in here.  We also painted all of the cabinets, walls, and ceiling throughout the house.  Paint is really the best, inexpensive way to change the look of a house.


  1. Thanks! You supplied all the information I need to paint my floors!

    1. You're welcome! Such a great, inexpensive way to fix up floors.


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