Friday, March 6, 2015

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - March 1st to 7th

We have had unusually warm and sunny weather this winter.  Many of our fruit trees are starting to bloom and I have started to do some weeding in the area where we are planning our future garden.  My seeds have all been started inside and they are already huge.  

Apple has been spending more time outside with her sisters and they are starting to be a little nicer to her.  We are still planning to get two ducklings in May for Apple, and hopefully she will bond with them.

We now have 6 of our 7 outside ducks laying and we got another black egg.  I know Cayugas can start by laying black eggs and we got a black egg a few weeks ago, which have now faded to light grey.   I'm wondering if it is Violet, our Black Swedish, that laid the most recent black egg or if our cayuga went from a black egg to several light grey and then back to black.

Rocco had to have a little trip to the ER, his ear was so swollen that it was sticking out to the side and seemed painful for him.  The Vet thinks it is an ear infection, so he is now on more meds for this.  Hopefully it gets better soon.

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