Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Start of Our Garden & How I Start My Seeds

We moved to our property last year and the land wasn't in great condition, this will be our first attempt at planting a garden.

We are hoping to start the garden in the area that is currently under the plastic and then continue to grow the area for the garden each year.  We learned about using wood chips for gardening and that is our goal, but we are finding it isn't as easy as we thought to get wood chips.

The other day I was out pulling some weeds in the future garden area and the dogs and ducks came out to help.  Well actually, Rocco came out to dig holes in the field and the ducks played in the water on the plastic tarps and followed behind me looking for any worms that I happened to turn up.

Last summer we planted 12 fruit trees and they are starting to bloom for this year.  There were also some old, neglected fruit trees on the property, my husband has been working to trim them up a little and hopefully get them back in shape.

I recently started all of my seeds inside and they are growing so fast.

I use some plastic containers but I mainly use newspaper or other paper to make my own containers.  I use a toilet paper roll or small metal can as a form and wrap the paper around these to form the container and then remove the toilet paper roll or metal can (the toilet paper rolls can also be used themselves as containers).  These make simple, inexpensive containers for the seeds, plus they can be placed directly into the ground.


  1. Lovely to see all steps. Hopefully planting will be successful. The ducks crack me up, seriously :-)

    1. Thanks Anita. I really hope our garden does all right, but the ground isn't in great shape and there are also lots of moles. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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