Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Introducing Tobey

We adopted our adorable little Tobey Bear Feb 2014.

Tobey is 7 years old, his birthday is July 19th.  

Tobey has a sad story, he was dumped on the street  by someone and was picked up by the local county shelter.  He was in bad shape and had glaucoma so severe that he had to have both of his eyes removed.  See the video below for his story, his name was previously Stevie.

Although Tobey doesn't have eyes, he doesn't let this stop him at all.  He finds his way around the house and all around outside with no problems at all.  He can find a tennis ball stuck under a chair and "stare" at it until we come and get it for him, he can spot the deer outside, often before anyone else does.  He is pretty much the happiest little dog that I have ever met.

I think Tobey is a great example in so many ways...
He doesn't let having no eyes stop him, he is just a normal dog and can do anything any other dog can do.

He doesn't let being different get him down, he is happy all the time and LOVES life.

There is no reason to not adopt a dog with a disability, dogs are amazing and adaptable creatures and can overcome anything.  A dog that has a disability can still be a great pet and an amazing part of the family.  

We feel so lucky to have Tobey as part of our family.  

This is a picture of Tobey at his sister Hannah's 15th birthday party.  He had taken off his hat and stomped it into the dirt, that's why it is so dirty.  Then my husband put the hat back on him and he put it on backwards and partially over his eyes, but by this time it was time for cupcakes so Tobey didn't care about the hat, he just wanted lots of cupcakes.

Tobey is a sweet, affectionate little guy.  When we adopted him he did an amazing job to move in and fit right in with our family, he absolutely Loves our other two dogs, Hannah and Rocco.

Tobey is a little guy with a HUGE personality.  He is obsessed with the duck food and is always finding his way out to the duck house.   He is sweet and looks like a little angel, but he is trouble, trouble, trouble.  He is the most stubborn dog I've ever met, but we still absolutely love him.  

Tobey forces himself to eat kale, because his brother, Rocco, loves kale.

These were cupcakes for Tobey's brother, Rocco's birthday.  Hannah and Rocco were both sitting down, waiting politely for their cupcakes and Tobey walked right by them and helped himself to some cupcakes.


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