Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Transfer Photos to Wood

Photos transferred to wood are a fun way to show off your favorite photos.

Gel Medium (I used liquitex)
Mod Podge
Photos printed on a laser printer
Wood Block

Step 1:   Find a piece of wood.  You can use a piece of reclaimed wood or even go to the store, buy a new piece and often have it cut to the size you want.  I usually paint the wood white, this helps the picture stand out, but you don't have to do this.

Step 2:  Print photos, it is best to print photos using a laser printer on thin paper.  It is possible to use a ink jet printer, but from my experience these photos don't transfer as well and our faded.

Step 3:  Cut the photo to size and apply gel medium to the printed photo side.  Place photo side down on the wood. 

Step 4:  Remove extra gel medium.  Use a piece of plastic such as an old gift card to smooth out the paper.  You want to make sure and get out all of the air bubbles.  If there are any air bubbles, the photo will not transfer in that area.  Let dry for at least 4 hours.

Step 5:  Use a damp towel and place on the photo to allow the paper to become damp.  

Step 6:  This next step is the most difficult and time consuming.  Use the wet towel or your wet fingers to remove the paper.  

Step 7:  Once all of the paper is removed, wipe off the wood block to make sure all of the paper residue is gone.  Gently dry.

Step 8:  Optional... I like to use sand paper to rough up the edges slightly to give a vintage look.

Step 9:  Apply Mod Podge.  Apply at least 3 coats and allow mod podge to dry between each coat.

These also make great gifts!

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