Thursday, January 29, 2015

Apple Update

Apple Update...

As you can tell from the picture, Apple is doing great!

In case anyone doesn't know her story, Apple is a duck that I rescued from someone on craigslist.   Check out my previous post, Meet Apple Blossom,  for more information on her history.

Her previous owner kept her in this tiny cage in a shed by herself.  He thought she had a broken leg but never took her to the vet.  Not only was she kept in this tiny cage but she was also very underweight, her feathers were in terrible condition and she was covered in dirt and had no water.

The first vet I took her to thought she had septic arthritis and put her on antibiotics.  After 10 days on the antibiotics with no improvement, I decided to get a second opinion.  The second vet gave her some anti-inflammatory meds and put a cast on her leg to help decrease the swelling.  After a week of this and a recheck visit, the vet was able to tell that Apple was completely missing the tendon in her leg.  Since she is missing the tendon, she will never be able to walk normally.

My husband and I made Apple a little wheelchair to help take some of the weight off her good leg.  Apple is still getting used to the wheelchair.

Apple goes outside most days to get some fresh air, sunshine and play with her outside sisters.  Two of her sisters tend to be bullies, Rosemary and Daisy, and we have to separate them when we bring Apple outside.  

Apple also loves her playpen inside, and loves to take a bath in her own personal spa (the bathtub in our second bathroom that we don't use) most days.

Apple lays an egg almost every day and truly seems to be a happy duck.  I'm so happy I rescued her, she is an incredibly sweet little duck.  I also appreciate all of the people that contributed money to help cover the cost of her vet bills.  Thank you so much!


  1. Apple, you are so sweet and I am so happy you have found a new life in such a wonderful home!! XO

    1. Thanks Erin. We feel very lucky to have Apple as part of our family.


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