Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week of Duck & Dog Photos - November 30th to December 6th

It was a great week.  I made my first handmade wreath with branches from trees on our property.  The wreath is simple, natural and makes the house smell great.

We had a few beautiful sunny days this week and I got some great pictures of the ducks and dogs.  The dogs also got some yummy homemade dog treats, Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats.

The biggest news of the week, is the newest addition to our family, the duck I rescued from craigslist.  She was in horrible conditions when I picked her up but after only a day, she is already looking better.  The vet thinks that she has septic arthritis and she has been started on antibiotics.  I'm really hoping that the antibiotics will help her feel better.

New ducky came to work with me after her vet visit, she doesn't have a name yet but hopefully soon.

Snuggling on the couch with me.

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