Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet Apple Blossom the Rescue Duck

I found Apple on craigslist.  She was owned by a man that was giving her away for free and he thought she had broken her leg over 3 months ago.  Instead of taking her to the vet, he just kept her in this tiny cage.  The cage was so small she was unable to stand up and had no water.  She was so dirty it was hard to tell she was a white duck and she is also malnourished and underweight.

Apple Blossom means, Hope, Good Fortune, and Better Things to Come.

Apple had a visit to a vet and the vet thinks that she actually has septic arthritis and not a broken leg and Apple has been started on antibiotics.  Although this may seem positive, septic arthritis is very serious and can be very painful and lead to death.  I'm not an expert but this is my understanding of septic arthritis...Apple probably started with a small infection.  The infection worsened and spread to her blood.  After the infection was in her blood it spread to her joints and destroyed the joints in her leg.  If the infection continues to progress it will eventually kill her.

This picture is after I already tried to rinse her off with water, she was so dirty I had to use some dawn soap to get her clean.

I have made an appointment for Apple to see an Avian Vet, just to make sure that we received an accurate diagnosis and that I am giving her the best care and doing everything possible to help her improve.

I have set up a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs involved with the care of helping Apple recover.  Click here to donate to her fund or to share with others.

Apple is a very sweet duck.  She has already become very attached and seems to really like to snuggle with me.  She also gets excited when I bring her outside to meet our other ducks.  Poor Apple was so neglected and starved for attention.

I love being able to help animals in need and would love to be able to rescue more ducks in the future and even possibly start a duck rescue.  

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  1. Poor Apple! I'm happy that her previous owner put her on craigslist and that you were able to find and rescue her! She looks like a new duck now,and I'm sure she feels like one too. Excited to see how she does once she is introduced to the others full time. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Johanna. I really hope I can get her healthy again.

  3. I am terribly moved by Apple's story. I am going to donate what I can right now and get the story out to as many people on as many channels that I can. Thank you for sharing yours and Apple's journey!

    1. Your donation was VERY generous! Thank you so much! Here is another video of Apple that I just posted today.

  4. Thank you so much Erin, that is very generous of you. Every dollar donated helps, so don't feel like you have to donate a lot, it is also very helpful to spread the word. Apple has another vet appointment on the 26th, I'll keep you posted what I learn from the visit.


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