Friday, December 19, 2014

Good Week for Rocco

We adopted Rocco almost 6 years ago and he is an amazing dog.  He was owned by someone that started dating a guy that didn't like Rocco, so the woman gave him up for adoption.  Not only was Rocco given away, but before this his sister had been hit by a car and passed away.  He was a big, sad  5 year old dog.  I first saw him at the NW Pet & Companion Fair (I used to have a dog food company and I happened to have a booth next to a dog rescue),  he was being passed up by everyone for the puppies and little dogs,  I had to adopt him. 

 Adopting Rocco was a great decision!

Unfortunately Rocco was diagnosed with bone cancer a few months ago.  We had his front leg amputated and he has been receiving chemo infusions every 3 weeks.  This Wednesday was his last chemo infusion and he had x-rays performed and it is official...

Rocco also had his 11th birthday today, it has been a great week for him!  It was a nice sunny day and he got to go for a walk around the property and also got some carrot cupcakes to celebrate.

Hannah was interested in the cupcakes, but she was polite and waited.

Tobey, on the other hand, wasn't as polite as Hannah and Rocco and he helped himself to some cupcakes.

Tobey actually stole an entire cupcake off the plate.

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