Friday, November 7, 2014

Why I chose to raise ducks

I love this article by Lisa Steele...

This article was a major influence in my decision to raise ducks instead of chickens.
Here are her 10 reasons that ducks are better (see the article for the full description for each reason listed).

1. Ducks are generally healthier
2. Ducks are more cold-hardy
3. Ducks are more heat-tolerant
4. Ducks are quieter
5. Duck eggs are superior to chicken eggs
6. Ducks lay more regularly
7. Ducks adhere to a far less aggressive pecking order 
8. Ducks are easier on your lawn
9. Ducks are wonderful for pest control.
10. Ducklings are adorable!

These are my girls when they were babies.
Yes, absolutely adorable!

In response to the number two reason, "ducks are more cold-hardy", my girls seem to be energized by the rainy days.  It can be rainy and stormy outside and they get all excited and are still out playing in their pool.  Ducks are definitely made for the rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest.  

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