Monday, November 17, 2014

They Grow Up So Fast

I remember when I ordered the ducklings, I was so excited,  I was like a kid waiting for Christmas.   I would check the calendar every day.  When I finally got the call that they were at the post office (this was after I had already called the post office twice by 9am), I jumped in my car and raced down to pick them up.  The first couple days I would have to stop myself from  sitting all day and watching them and holding them.  Luckily I took some ducky "maternity" leave from work (I'm very lucky to have an animal lover for a boss), so I had some extra time to spend with the babies.  

The first few weeks we kept them in a wading pool filled with straw in the front room.  When I would sit down next to their pool they would get excited and jump out of the pool to come snuggle on my lap.  I was in Heaven!

Poppy, Rosemary, Clover and Daphne snuggling on my lap

Baby Daisy snuggling on my lap

Since the girls have grown up they don't like to snuggle with me as much.  When I go outside they often surround me and follow me around the yard, but don't like to snuggle.  Today was a little different.   I went out and sat on the ground and I eventually had all 7 ducks circled around me, snuggled up and taking little ducky naps.  Unfortunately it was impossible to get a picture of all of them but I was able to get pictures of a few of them.  

Daphne snuggled up next to me, with Rosemary snuggled up behind me.

Poppy and Daisy snuggled up on my other side.

Another picture of Daphne.  Violet is in the background, she didn't want to snuggle as closely as the others.

Clover snuggled up next to my leg.

Another picture of Poppy, Daisy, and Rosemary.

I'm so happy to have ducks in my life now and would love to get more ducklings in the future.  For anyone considering getting ducks, I HIGHLY Recommend getting ducks!

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