Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Week of Duck & Dog Photos - November 16th to 22nd

I thought this was going to be a nice relaxing week, no such luck.  I took a week of vacation at work, but we ended up having a rental house open up, so no week of vacation.   I had to spend a few days cleaning and painting, which isn't bad but not the vacation I was hoping for.  I was still able to find some time to hang out with the ducks and dogs and take lots of pictures. 

In addition, we have been having some abnormally cold weather here.  I'm not used to these freezing temperatures this time of year.  The poor ducks had frozen water in their pools, so I drained their bigger pool and they haven't had as much swimming time.  

Thank goodness the weather is now starting to warm up.

Clover taking a nap next to my leg.

Clover loves to pose for the camera.

Rocco was trying to keep his toy away from the ducks.

The ducks scared him off and were all interested in checking out his toy.

Hello Violet!

Lots of splashing going on in the little pool.

Poppy and Daisy are very confused and wondering why Tobey keeps putting his head in the DUCK POOL.

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